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Wall mounted set «ELBET» with electric water heater EVBO-17

Wall mounted set «ELBET» with electric water heater EVBO-17

Plastic wall mounted panel with reinforced frame overall dimensions: 650 х 470 х 150 mm

EVBO-17/1.25 ELBET – manual temperature regulation, indication of tubular electric heater switching-on

Water volume: 17L

Sink with polypropylene drain: 410 x 495 x 140 mm

Bracket to fasten the sink: 2 pieces.

The whole set is packed in one corrugated box.

Overall dimensions when packed: 670 х 185 х 480 mm

Weight of the set: 6.0 kg maximum

It is recommended for use outdoors or indoors where there is electricity supply. The set is easy to use and simple for mounting. It has modern design.

No water pipes? Need to wash the dishes, hands, crops, etc.? Our set with water heater will solve these problems. You just need hang the set first,  pour water into the tank, and connect the water heater to the outlet. After the water warms up, you can open the faucet, and begin to use the set!

Our factory and office are located in Russia, Moscow region. 

Don't hesitate to contact us to know more about wall mounted sets "ELBET" with electric water heater wholesale. We will be happy to send you the price list!

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