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сушилка 1

сушилка 1

сушилка 3

сушилка 3

Power: 100W
Number of trays:
EFD - 320-05 elbet 5 pcs.
EFD - 320-06 elbet 6 pcs.
Voltage: 220-240V
Frequency: 50 Hz
Protection class: I

Distinctive characteristics of the food dryer:

-has an indicator light that lets you know when the device is on;

-has a storage compartment for the power cord;

-has an air flow control valve;

-the power cord is reinforced with a grounding plug;

-the trays are equipped with central valves for even distribution of the air between the trays;

-made of plastic with high thermal resistance, which helps to shorten the drying time.

Our products can be manufactured under your brand.

Our factory and office are located in Russia, Moscow region. 

Don't hesitate to contact us to know more about food dehydrator wholesale.  We will be happy to send you the price list!

Contact us

Russia, Moscow region, Noginsk, Nizhegorodskaya square 9V, premises 1

Tel/Fax: +7(496) 519-28-04 / +7(496) 519-13-31

Thank you!

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